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We so appreciate our friends from all over the world and online Conference participants that we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. 

This year, we have a wonderful online cornucopia of presentations, workshops and performances for you, as well as a ceremonial movie, to connect you deeply into the sphere of the in-person Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, and into the heart of the mysteries of Avalon. 

‘Sovereign Goddess of this land,
In Your presence we do stand
Earth, Air, Fire and Water Binds us as one.

Goddess help us understand,
Take us gently by the hand
Earth, Air, Fire and Water Binds us as one.

Guide us with Your dragon kind, 
In connection we will find 
Earth, Air, Fire and Water Binds us as one.’

Melody: Lady spin your circle bright

As we come together to Celebrate the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon in Her many forms, in a bridge year between the Star Queen and Otherworld Crone archetypes, we will be journeying with different Celtic Sovereign Goddesses who were historically worshipped in and around Avalon, who show us healthy forms of inner sovereignty. 

We honour the presence and welcome the loving wisdom of: Nimue, Rosmerta, Don, Epona, Morgan, Kundry, Nementona, Bridgid and Elaine to our online Goddess Conference programme. 


To enjoy the Goddess Conference content:

  • Click on a topic below or on the menu on your left.
  • You will be redirected into your dashboard, where you will see all the content of the Online Goddess Conference divided by presentations, workshops, performances and the ceremony. 
  • Enjoy and navigate through your dashboard, using the menu on the left or the arrow below the content.
  • Watch all the presentations in your own time and space (and rewatch them if you like!) for the duration of: 28th of July 2022 – 28th of October 2022. 
  • Share your experiences with other participants and the presenters in the Forum!


To thank you for joining us this year please find a big gift for you to enjoy the conference even more:  complete free access some of last year’s online Star Queen Goddess Conference content!
*for the duration of 28th of July 2022 – 28th of October 2022

You just need to exit this page and click on any of the content listed as “BONUS” to see them!

Let us start the journey! You can start each day with this Morning Practice for the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon. Filmed during the In-Person Conference on top of the Tor at dawn.  Performed by the wonderful Andrea Vernucci.

See you next year?!